Data privacy and data protection declaration

With this data privacy and protection declaration we provide you as a user of our website with all necessary information about how, to what extent and for what purpose we or third party providers collect data from you and use it. The collection and use of your data is carried out strictly in accordance with the legal requirements, in particular the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU GDPR) and the new Federal Data Privacy and Data Protection Act. We are particularly committed to the confidentiality of your personal data and therefore work strictly within the limits determined by law. In other respects, where possible personal data is collected on a voluntary basis. We will also only pass this data on to third parties with your express consent. Where particularly confidential data are involved such as in payment transactions or with regard to your inquiries to us, we ensure a high level of security by using SSL encryption. However, we would like to point out the general dangers of Internet use which are beyond our control. Especially in e-mail traffic, your data is not secure without further precautions and may be collected by third parties.

Name and contact data of the person responsible for data processing:

Company name: Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH
Name: Dr. Bernd Eisele
Telephone No: +49 511 169908-0
E-mail address:

Contact data of the person/company responsible for data privacy and data protection:

Kämmer Consulting GmbH
Telephone No: +49 531/702249-0
E-mail address:

Purpose of data processing:

When using our Internet pages, the following data is stored for organizational and technical reasons: the names of the pages you access, the browser you use and your operating system, date and time of access, search engines used, names of downloaded files and their IP addresses.

We evaluate this technical data anonymously and for statistical purposes only in order to be able to continuously optimize our Internet presence and to make our Internet offerings even more attractive. This data is stored on secured systems separately from other personal information. No conclusions can be drawn about any individual.

Processing of personal data

We process personal data only to the extent and as long as it is necessary for the use of our website or if and as prescribed by law, because we strive for data economy avoiding extensive data. We take the protection of your personal data seriously, and we strictly adhere to the relevant legal regulations and this data protection declaration when collecting and processing personal data. If the purpose of data collection ceases to apply and when the end of the legal storage period has been reached, the data collected will be blocked or deleted. Our website can be used without passing on personal data. If we collect personal data - such as your name, address or e-mail address - this data collection is voluntary. Data will not be disclosed to any third partiy without your express consent. Please note that data on the Internet is generally not always transmitted securely. Especially in e-mail traffic, data exchange protection cannot be guaranteed.

The data collected is not used for automated individual decisions or profiling or scoring.

Your rights as a data subject

At any time and free of charge you can request information about the personal data and information we have stored about you as well as about the origin, the recipient and the purpose of data processing. You also have the right to request the correction, blocking or deletion of your data. This does not apply to data which is kept due to legal regulations or which is required for the proper execution of business transactions. Data is stored in a lock file for control purposes; data can be locked at any time. If data are not collected subject to a legal archiving obligation, we will delete your data at your request. If the archiving obligation applies, we will block your data. For all questions and concerns regarding the correction, blocking or deletion of personal data, please contact our data protection officer (contact data in this data privacy and protection declaration above or as stated in the company information).

If you do not see your rights fully protected with respect to the handling of your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.


We use cookies on our website, small text files stored on your PC initiated by our server. They support the presentation of our website and help you move around our website. Cookies collect data about your IP address, your browser, your operating system and your Internet connection. We do not link such information with personal data and do not pass it on to any third party. Under no circumstances are cookies used by us to bring malware or spyware to your computer. You can also use our website without the use of cookies, but this may limit some representations and functions of our offer. If you wish to deactivate cookies, you can do so using the respective settings of your browser. Please use the help function to make the appropriate changes. You can manage "online ad cookies" via the following links: for the USA for Europe

Collection of access data

For technical reasons it is necessary for the presentation of the contents on our website to collect certain data. When you access our website, so-called server log files are recorded by us or by the provider of the web space. These log files cannot be used to trace you back or draw any conclusions about your identity. The relevant information consists of the name of the website, the file, the current date, the data volume, the web browser and its version, the operating system used, the domain name of your Internet provider, i.e. the referrer URL, as the page from which you have come. We use this data for the presentation of our contents as well as for statistical purposes, and to continuously improve our services. We also reserve the right to subsequently check the data if there is any suspicion of illegal use of our offer.

Third-party content and services

The offer on our website may also include contents, services and representations of other providers that supplement our range of services. Examples of such offers are Google Maps, YouTube videos or graphics of third parties. When a third party calls such services, this requires the transmission of the respective IP address, and if you do, this will enable the provider to perceive your user IP address and to store it. We make every effort to include only such third party providers who use IP addresses solely for the delivery of the content. However, we have no influence on which third party provider may store your IP address, which may be used for statistical purposes, for example. Should we become aware of storage processes by third parties, we will immediately inform our users accordingly. In this context, please also note the special data privacy declarations with respect to certain third-party providers and service providers whose services we use on our website.

You will also find them in this data protection declaration.

Contact form

On our website we provide a contact form which can be used for electronic contact. If you use this option, the data which you enter in the input mask will be transmitted to us and processed. These data are: Your name, company name, e-mail address, postal address, fax and telephone number.

Before you send your contact request to us, you will be reminded of this data privacy and protection declaration and asked to confirm by ticking a box that you have received and read this information. Alternatively, you can send your message to our stated e-mail address. The personal data which you transmit with your e-mail will be processed.

The data will not be passed on to any third party, but they will be used exclusively for the purpose of processing your contact inquiry. Immediately upon the processing of your request we will delete the personal data from the input mask.

At your request, we will delete your personal data immediately. Please note that in this case we will, however, no longer be able to process your request.

SSL encoding

Our website uses SSL encryption for the transmission of our users' confidential or personal data or content. This encryption is activated, for example, during the processing of payment transactions and for enquiries you make via our website. Please make sure that the SSL-encryption is activated on your side during such activities. You can easily recognize whether encryption is activated: The display in your browser line changes from "http://" to "https://". Data encrypted via SSL cannot be read by third parties. So please make sure that you only transmit your confidential information if SSL encryption is activated; if in doubt, please contact us.

Google Web Fonts

This website uses so-called web fonts provided by Google to uniformly display fonts. When you call up a site, your browser loads the required Web fonts into your browser cache to display texts and fonts correctly. If your browser does not support web fonts, a default font is used by your computer. Further information about Google Web Fonts can be found at and in Google's privacy policy: