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07.09.2021 | News

Updates on priMe

The priMe organizational team (VPM, SIIPL, DiagnoSearch, IAVI) met last week at SIIPL in Pune, India to discuss the status of the project and how to streamline certain procedures to achieve the milestones and bring the trial to success.

01.09.2021 | News

VPM & Training courses 2021

Also in 2021, VPM will continue to be present at various training events of Forum Institut Heidelberg and hold online seminars and lectures. Click here & get discount!

05.07.2021 | News

VPM1002 is a frontrunner tuberculosis (TB) vaccine candidate.

Did you know that the 100-year-old BCG is the only vaccine available to protect against TB, and the world urgently needs a better TB vaccine?

There are several vaccine candidates in the pipeline, and our VPM1002 is one of the most advanced ones. The Scientist reported about the latest updates in the TB vaccine development. Click here to read the full article.

03.06.2021 | News

Recruitment has started at all clinical centers

We are pleased to announce that all clinical trial centers, located in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Gabon, have started their recruitment and are actively enrolling participants into the pivotal phase III trial (priMe) of the novel tuberculosis vaccine VPM1002.

We thank all consortium partners for the effort in achieving this milestone!

17.05.2021 | News

Memo Therapeutics AG Antibodies Against SARS-CoV-2 Show Efficacy Against British and South African Variant

Vakzine Projekt Management supports Memo Therapeutics AG in the clinical development of MTX-COVAB, human-derived antibody against SARS-CoV-2 which has shown excellent neutralizing efficacy against both the original virus as well as the UK variant. Read more!

09.04.2021 | COVID

COVIVAXX – a new COVID-19 vaccine under development

COVIVAXX is a new vaccine candidate to protect against COVID-19. Developed by the Serum Institute of India Pvt. LTD (SIIPL), the globally leading vaccine manufacturer, VPM coordinates the clinical development in Europe. A phase I/II trial is currently ongoing in Australia to assess the safety and immunogenicity of COVIVAXX in humans. A pivotal phase III trial is planned to be conducted in Europe and India in the first half of 2021. Click here to read more.

08.04.2021 | Press

priMe on South African newspaper

The local newspaper in Gauteng, South Africa, reported about the priMe study.
Klick here to read the article.

17.03.2021 | News

Milestone achieved: Initiation of all clinical centers for a large African trial against tuberculosis in neonates completed

We are pleased to announce that a major milestone in the pivotal phase III trial (trial name: priMe) of the novel tuberculosis vaccine VPM1002 has been achieved with the completed initiation of all clinical trial centers. Read more!

22.01.2021 | News

Update on priMe study

TB vaccine candidate being investigated to prevent TB infection in infants in Phase III priMe study. Read more!

02.12.2020 | News

First clinical center in South Africa initiated for a Pan-African phase III trial against tuberculosis

Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH (VPM) announces that the first clinical center in South Africa has been initiated in a large phase III trial (priMe) to assess the efficacy and safety of the novel TB vaccine – VPM1002 - in comparison with BCG in healthy newborn infants. The clinical centers in Tanzania, Uganda and Gabon will follow in the next weeks.

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